Tackle Organizational Politics. Improve Communication.  Accelerate Teamwork. Increase Productivity. 
Maximize Results.

Pulse check:

  1. Do your team members openly and readily disclose their honest opinions?

  2. Are your team meetings compelling and productive?

  3. Does your team come to decisions quickly and avoid getting bogged down by consensus?

  4. Do your team members confront one another about their shortcomings?

  5. Do your team members sacrifice their interests for the good of the team?

  6. Is accomplishing goals fun and exciting for every member of your team?

If you’ve wholeheartedly answered “yes” to all six, pat yourself on the back for being a rock star of a manager!

If you've answered “no,” "sometimes," or "I'm not sure," to any of these questions, you likely have some work to do. Read on.

Teamwork is simple - in theory. High functioning teams are not as common as we would imagine.

The good news: with knowledge, courage, and discipline, teams can just as quickly become not only cohesive but also high performing.

We offer half-day, one-day, and two-day team collaboration workshops that dive into the heart of performance. This model (based on Patrick Lencioni’s best selling book: 5 Dysfunctions Of A Team), has been used by Fortune 100 and 500 companies. It’s ideal for organizations looking for a culture overhaul or an improvement to an already productive team.

The problems we address:

  • Lack of trust and accountability
  • Failure to improve performance
  • Closed-door gossip
  • Confrontation around difficult issues
  • Missed deadlines
  • Poor quality of work

We help your team:

  • Establish a strong level of trust
  • Engage in effective results-oriented conversations
  • Address conflict before it becomes toxic 
  • Get things done quicker 
  • Create a stronger, safer culture
  • Build a cohesive, high performing team

These highly interactive sessions are designed to tackle critical business challenges by accessing the brainpower of every team member sitting around the table. Real results – guaranteed. 

5 dysfunctions pyramid (1).png

If you're interested in increasing the performance and productivity of your team, book a free, no-obligation 60-minute discovery session. If you're genuinely invested in your organization's success and are committed to bringing 3 or more of your key people to the workshop, you offer up space, and I'll bring lunch!