Responding to fear

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What is fear? Some say it’s the basic human response to threat or danger. Danger is real. A venomous snake stays venomous whether we are fearful or not. The fear I’m referring to is one that commonly affects most of us. It’s the fear of quitting our job, leaving our relationship or starting a new one; fear of speaking up for what we believe, the fear of failure, messing up, not following the norm...the list is endless.

Fear holds us back from achieving from what we really want from life and if we let fear take over our lives, we can end up in a very dark place.

So, how do we battle this monster called fear?

Fear lives in darkness and the only way to battle darkness is by shining light on it but if you want to shine your light, you have to look within.

Finding my light didn’t happen overnight. It took months of exploring and the process has never stopped. I remember the day I came home from work feeling mentally exhausted and burnt out. The next morning I decided that instead of complaining, I would invest in that ‘me time’ by looking within. I started by writing down a list of things that fired me up in life. I focused on the nature of experiences that brought me immense joy; the type of conversations I enjoyed having; the conditions under which I learn, grow and become inspired; the way I’d like my work day to look and feel; people I look up to and the values they embody. I wrote from a place of love for who I was, and excitement about who I wanted to be.

On the days when I started to feel inadequate, I forced myself to dig deeper and embrace all the small and big experiences that lit my soul on fire. I wrote once again; without judgment, without labels, without guilt and without shame. As I wrote, I didn’t care if the world perceived my thoughts as joyful, exciting, enjoyable, meaningful or lucrative.

Whether you journal, type stuff into your iPhone or scribble on a piece of paper, start jotting down all the things that make you amazing and set your soul on fire. Write down all the things that you would experience in life if you lived life exactly as you wished it to be.

Whenever I saw the light within me, I acknowledged it. I wrote and wrote and wrote some more. I acknowledge the light within me and before I knew it, started to invite more of what I wanted out of life. A few months later, I quit my job and embarked on the journey to help people move forward, by becoming a coach.

Once you openly acknowledge what you want from life, you’ll start focusing your energy, intentions and actions on creating it. You’ll begin to acknowledge your fear but you won’t let it control you or your thoughts. You’ll face it head on and move beyond it. So go on, embrace your inner light. Let it shine from within and don’t wait for the world to shine it on you. When it shines from within, you can no longer walk around your fear because where light exists, darkness cannot.