Life is fragile. Make the most of it.

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I was in Linden, Alberta working with a couple of clients.

After I was done, I checked my phone and noticed a flood of messages and missed calls. I saw a text that left me in disbelief. (See attached screenshot)


We lost a family member... and in such a tragic way. He was struck by the very being he had just rescued. It was a freak accident and no one could have predicted it, yet it doesn't diminish the pain, grief, and loss that our family is experiencing right now.

Since I heard this news, so many thoughts have been swirling in my head. My heart breaks for my aunt and her son. Thoughts of my own dad's passing keep creeping in. I think about Joe and how tragic - yet heroic - it is that he passed away saving a life. He was a simple, humble man who loved the water, loved helping and he passed away doing the very thing he loved.

The one thing thought that keeps coming to the forefront - life is fragile. All we have is NOW. Not even today. Just now.

I am reminded that we need to just let shit go at times, to live a life of no regret, to work on making things better - with yourself, with others, with the world. There's a bucket full of positive, loving thoughts that we humans fail to express every day.

We get caught up with negativity, cynicism, and criticism. We spend way too much time complaining, being mad and only speaking up when we're angry or upset. How often do we intentionally focus on spreading love and goodness? How often do we tell people who we care for that they matter, that we are grateful for them? The simple answer is: we don't do it enough.

Too many of the good emotions go unexpressed. Whether it's a family member, friend, colleague or stranger - when you feel the urge to say "thank you," "you made a difference," or "I love you," - just say it, dammit!

There may not be another moment. Now: that's all we have. Steve Jobs said something along the lines of, "if this were your last day, ask yourself if you would still be doing what you're doing." Joe did. He was doing something he was passionate about and in tragic irony, he was killed by the life he rescued. To me, even though he died a hero, he's gone now and it's heartbreaking.

Life is fragile, friends. You get one shot. Make the most of every single moment.