What It Really Takes To Be Successful

work harder

Our Facebook feeds are filled with shortcuts and instant solutions - a better body, more profitable business, a purposeful career, and greater fulfillment... and all in just 'one magic step'. Today's society has bred people who are looking for instant gratification. Too many lack the patience and dedication that's referred to as 'hard work.' They're following self-proclaimed Facebook and Instagram 'gurus' who flaunt pictures of themselves on yachts as they sell hokey secrets of rising to fame.

The road to success isn't paved with quick fixes. Success takes incredibly hard work. It's definitely not as easy as it might look on our social media feeds.

Ask someone that is genuinely successful what it takes, and their answer will probably be "A shit load of tireless days, working my butt off, and pushing myself."

On its own, no amount of quick fix programs, tools, frameworks, workouts, or business plan templates will lead to prosperity. Success comes from doing, learning, and doing again. Persistence is everything.

If there's one thing we can do differently this year, let it be: Stop seeing life through rose-coloured glasses. 


Let's become realistic. 

Let's work our butts off. 

Let's engage in healthy conflict. 

Let's learn to disagree without destroying each other. 

Let's make 'becoming better' a lifetime habit. 

Let's stop using awareness as a buzzword; instead turn it into something that doesn't just sound transformational, but into action that transforms us.