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Talk to the 5 most successful entrepreneurs around you. You'll notice something - they keep moving.

When others said the economy is slow, times are tough or people aren't buying, they were focused on action.

Excuses lead to inaction. They take us to our safe place but they also paralyze us. We convince ourself it's ok that we're not bringing in business if others aren't either. That is a scarcity mindset. One that doesn't benefit you.

I'm a firm believer in the adage - CONTROL YOUR MIND OR IT WILL CONTROL YOU.

I asked a good friend how Alberta's economy had impacted his business. He told me the solution for them was simple - to focus their efforts on the U.S. market and on building their brand there. Given the value of the USD, it made sense. Their success in that market allowed them to keep all their staff in Calgary employed. They also spend 2016 focusing on what the next 5 years of their business could look like if they pushed 10 times harder.

They kept moving. Just in a different direction than they anticipated.

Inaction will draw you closer to the red line.

Be on a mission to act - to do something that propels your business towards one more sale, towards more exposure, towards your target. 

Successful people think from a place of possibility, not pessimism. They write their own stories and their internal narratives propel them to take risks and keep trying.

Their thoughts create 10X success in the short and long term.

You're the author of your business. Do everything it takes. Everything.

Move. Act. Push forward. Every single day.

You don't move --> You don't learn --> You don't grow --> You die.

What Happens When You Believe Your Own Bull$hit

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This isn't just great advice for startups but for any business. Beware of vanity metrics that make you feel like you're big and bad. "I have hundreds of people interested," sounds great in theory. How many of those you've converted, is the more important number.

I always remind my clients that if they start believing their own bull$hit, they're setting themselves up for failure.

In my own practice, I'm not immune to this either. I have to constantly remind myself not to inflate who I am and where I'm at. It might feed the ego but it won't do anything to move the needle on profitability. Your ego can be the death of your business so be careful of the stories you tell yourself.

Stay real. Stay humble. Stay hungry.