3 Tips To Streamline Your Work Life

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Looking to work more efficiently?

If you’re like most professionals, you realize the importance of streamlining your work environment and the key role it plays in your work productivity.

1. Mind Your Desk

Whether you’re a creative extrovert or meticulous introvert, an organized workspace may be more important than you think. Some even go so far to say that our spaces reflect the way we communicate our attitudes, goals, and values. An organized space will allow you to focus on important tasks, locate important work tools and be a source of inspiration for future projects.

Whenever I start to look at my space and feel overwhelmed, I take 10 minutes (that’s it) and file documents away, re-arrange those post it notes, and make sure I see more white space than “stuff.” Those 10 minutes completely shift my energy.

2. Establish Balance

Putting down your phone, turning off your computer and closing your notebook will actually benefit your work efficiency.

Work and personal life often bleed into one another, creating confusion, time mismanagement and poor communication. Creating boundaries where specific tasks are to be accomplished (or not accomplished) will allow for proper focus and allow room for healthy work life balance.

3. Evaluate

Self-evaluation can be vital for professional evolution. This can be a weekly, quarterly or yearly process. Identifying expectation and goals should be a priority.

Evaluate your mindset too. Do you need to reset, take some time off, work out more, infuse more positivity into your routine or mediate more? There’s a ton that needs to be evaluated internally too.

Search for flaws in your process, write them down and then create a list of ‘actions’ to address each flaw.

If you don’t stop and evaluate, you’ll always feel stuck. There will always be ways to improve your workflow. When your workspace is clear of clutter and chaos and you are working at your full potential, great things are bound to happen!