My Valentine's Day Reflections

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Today, I’d like celebrate the concept of love; the kind of love that extends beyond one person and one day. Today, I am reminding myself about the love that lends compassion to the people we surround ourselves with, work with, and interact with; the same that also allows us to unite with complete strangers across the world who fight for equality, human rights, social justice and other causes that inspire us.

Today, I celebrate love and the power it has to heal and enrich the lives of those around us. Sometimes, the ones who need it the most are the ones don’t have a valentine or who are so broken they don’t know how to give or express love. 

Today, I think about my husband and the support I have, and I go - that's worth celebrating too. When he wanted to start his business, he said "I'm taking a huge risk. Not sure how this will turn out but I want to do this. You'll have to support me and the dogs till this works out." I believed in him and said "I know you'll make it. And hey, if you don't, it's okay. We'll survive. Worst case scenario, we live off the dogs. They're so handsome. They'll make amazing dog models." We laughed. Off he went into the basement and built his now crazy successful company from the ground up. 

A few years later, I said "It's my turn. I know a coaching firm is going to take some time to build but I need to do this. I want to do this." The engineer turned trader in him evaluated the risk/reward, and said "I believe in you. I know your business might take longer to get up and running but you'll get there because you care. You give a shit about helping people change." He reminded me that even if I didn't know it all right now, I'd figure it out. And figure it out I did (and still am!). And through it, I've had a partner that encourages me, challenges me and helps me live out my purpose with passion. 

Sometimes, all we need at the start is for one person to believe in us and push us to be better. Let’s share more of that kind of love, today and every day - the kind that lifts us up, inspires us, encourages us, heals us, and believes in us.