The Struggle

Leaders across the world face a daily struggle to get employees performing the way they want them to. When they offer feedback on how to improve, it doesn't always result in an improvement. Sometimes, the leader is misunderstood. Other times people respond back with anger, or they pretend to listen. At the end of the day, performance still isn't as good as it could be.

The Problem

Feedback models created from previous research haven’t always led to improved performance and productivity. In fact, they’ve done quite the opposite. Most employees don’t openly share because they’re afraid their honesty will come with consequences.

In a study of 108 managers and white-collar workers, inept criticism was ahead of mistrust, personality struggles, and disputes over power and pay as a reason for conflict on the job.
— The Journal Of Applied Psychology: 75, 3

If you want your team to deliver results, you must understand how the brain responds to feedback.


This book will provide 9 practical and ready-to-implement strategies that will help leaders and teams enhances workplace culture.

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It offers practical and ready-to-implement strategies that will help leaders and teams communicate in a way that motivates employees, increases productivity, and enhances workplace culture. 

This e-book was created based on in-depth research and guidance by neuroscientist Jose Lopes. It provides access to a framework that was created using the science behind human behaviour and feedback mechanisms.


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About the Author

Simone Brown is a performance coach who helps leaders and teams increase their productivity through behavioural and brain-based strategies. Her work is based on frameworks proving that success isn’t just about talents and smarts, it’s about the development of emotional intelligence.

She believes that organizations which support the whole person - not just the version that shows up at work - will experience increased connectivity and productivity.

After starting her career in economic development, she transitioned to the world of PR and communications. She spent over 14 years creating and implementing marketing and communication strategies for business leaders, government officials, and non-profit executives who consistently asked the same question: “How do we inspire and engage our stakeholders?” 

Simone is also founder of The 1911 Tribe. This new initiative encourages professional women to engage in unfiltered dialogue about their biggest career challenges, and to collectively explore solutions.

Simone is a graduate of Erickson Coaching College and holds a BBA specializing in HR, a diploma in Technology Management and Entrepreneurship, and a certificate in Public Relations.