The goal of the EQ Profile is to create more choice in how you are showing up in relationship. The assessment is a reflection of your internal experience under stress. Out internal experience is a likely predictor of behavior. Therefore, the more awarenesses we have about how we show up under stress and conflict, the more choice we have in changing our actions to create better outcomes.

Here are some of the dimensions it measures


Self Awareness

The ability to be aware of one's own experience, including what one is thinking, wanting, and feeling in the moment when being challenged.


Self Regulation

The ability to manage one's own emotions and effectively manage one's emotions in relationship.



Both empathy accuracy, the ability to tune into others and accurately see what the other is experiencing and empathy compassion, the ability to join the other in caring ways and stay connected even when challenged.

Why this tool versus others

Most assessments require you to reflect on how you may have behaved in specific scenarios. Our interpretation of events continues to become distorted as time passes. As a result, self-reported data about past events tends to come with its fair share of discrepancies.

This is the Only Non-Self-Reporting EQ Instrument out there

Rather than asking users to report what they would do or have done in specific situations, this assessment places individuals in the middle of several work-related conflict scenarios through videos. The responses are analyzed by algorithms developed by behavioural psychologists. The result is the EQ Profile: a snapshot of your internal experience, under stress, in conflict.


Common Questions From Clients

Can the EQ Profile be used with teams?

Yes! In fact, we encourage you to do this with your entire team. It is guaranteed to be a real game changer. Once assessments are completed, you have the option of accessing a team profile and doing a deeper dive through a half-day workshop. A certified EQ Practitioner will help your team understand how each employee’s profile affects their interaction with colleagues and customers. The data can also be used to create a ‘playbook’ for how a team can successfully and intentionally move through conflict.

What does the process involve?

Once you commit to discovering your EQ profile, you will receive a link to an online assessment. The assessment presents a series of videos followed by questions. Most people complete it within 45 minutes. You should set aside a quiet chunk of time that’s free from distractions to complete it. While you can stop at any time and save your responses, we strongly recommend completing it in a single session. Once the assessment is completed, expect a detailed report within 48 business hours, and schedule a personalized de-brief to review your profile in depth.

I’d like to know more about the validity of this tool


Great! For those who love to dig deep into the technicalities of assessments, there’s a report that will give you the answers you’re seeking. This tool has been around for several years and it’s been validated. It’s one of the best in the industry because of its uniqueness and its success. Fill out the form below and let us know you’d like to see the report.


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