Martin Luther King, "I have a dream" speech

Martin Luther King's famous words were, "I have a dream," not "I have a strategy." He motivated millions of people towards a common vision because he mastered the art of connecting and inspiring. For organizations to succeed, they must put people before process. Your people are responsible for your company's growth and if you don't understand how to connect with them meaningfully, you're missing out on the opportunity for greatness. 

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Discover your WHY workshops with Simone Brown, certified WHY coach
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You’re only as strong as your team. Unfortunately, most team building and employee profiling exercises fail to uncover what truly makes employees FEEL successful. 

Understanding what motivates your employees is key to engaging them. By discovering their wiring, you identify the invisible force that dictates how they think, act and feel. Leaders and teams that understand this can communicate and perform more effectively. 

Simone helped me understand how to translate my ideas and plans into increased revenue. Even more valuable though, was discovering how my mind works. I’m able to communicate more effectively with my team and my business is now on track to greater success.
— Ben, Owner - Country Cousins Restaurant

The Discover Your Why workshop improves communication within teams. At the end of the workshop, each individual understands how his/her WHY contributes to the WHY of the company. It creates the perfect condition for an inspired and engaged organization; you'll instantly see the shift from employees to ambassadors.

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Express your WHY workshops with Simone Brown, certified WHY Coach
"The two most important days in life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." Mark Twain


Lead your marketing and communication efforts with WHY. Scrap the feature talk and focus on emotionally connecting with your audience. Research shows that spending is an emotional decision – one made by our limbic (feeling) brain. The WHY method taps into that limbic brain to uncover an individual’s motivations and beliefs, allowing you to attract the ideal clients and employees.

Quote from Irene, former president at the Calgary Chamber of Commerce

The Express Your Why workshop is a powerful, fun and collaborative process that will reframe how you speak about your company. Once you express your WHY, something powerful happens. You create a tribe of followers who align with your beliefs and ideals... with your WHY, not just the What and How of your company.

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