"When feeling stuck somewhere in your personal life or career, by working with Simone you can be sure to get tangible results, and most importantly, the boost you need to go forward," says Sophie from France

Through inquiry, visioning, solution-creation and accountability, we can provoke clarity, generate tangible action and ignite impact within and around you.

Solution-Focused Coaching 

Solution-focused coaching methodology used by Simone Brown

This approach helps clients create solutions rather than analyze problems. Focusing on problems typically drains energy, seeks guilt, and distracts us from our goals. Solution-focused coaching leads to individualized solutions that are owned by the client and are therefore more effective in helping people create the lives they desire.

The Why Method

Why Method coaching used by Simone Brown

Your WHY is the lens through which you see the world. It's what makes people want to work for and with you. The WHY method is a framework that helps people understand why you do what you do, not just what you do. When you know your WHY, you inspire and engage based on values and beliefs. Your WHY leads to the creation of a tribe.