After 15 years in the for-profit, non-profit and government sector, Simone Brown recognized a problem that consistently plagued organizations - poor leadership and toxic company cultures. After watching far too many companies lose their best performers, she set out to solve this problem. And she figured the best way to change leadership, teams and culture was by shifting how leaders think, act, and behave; by helping companies build both smart and healthy organizations.

Simone views herself as a performance architect who helps leaders and teams improve their performance and profitability by focusing on a ‘people-first, inside-out’ approach. Simone believes that emotional health equals corporate wealth, and leverages neuroscience and emotional intelligence to create internal shifts.

Her approach is grounded in frameworks proving that profitability doesn’t solely come from talents and smarts, it’s the result of a high-performance team that feels psychologically safe.

She believes that organizations that support the whole person - not just the version that shows up at work - will experience increased connectivity and productivity.

After starting her career in economic development, Simone transitioned to the world of PR and Stakeholder Engagement. She spent over 15 years creating and implementing marketing and communication strategies for business leaders, government officials, and non-profit executives who consistently asked the same question: “How do we inspire and engage our people?” 

Simone is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, a graduate of Erickson Coaching College and holds a BBA specializing in HR, a diploma in Technology Management and Entrepreneurship, and a certificate in Public Relations.

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1.  Learning and Growth – every experience and interaction is one where we are either the student or the teacher. If we don’t embrace both, we miss the opportunity to become better.

2.  Open mindedness – always keep an open mind and acknowledge that different doesn’t mean bad.

3.  Always add value – if it doesn’t add value, we don’t do it.

4.  The elephant, stinky fish and vomit - we talk about the elephant in the room, even when it's uncomfrotable. We don't stuff our stinky fish (thoughts and emotions) into a “fridge” because once you open up the fridge, it still stinks up the place. Sometimes, we just need to “vomit” and share openly and honestly. We can do all of this with kindness but we must do them.

5.  An attitude of gratitude – there’s always something to be grateful for…even when things get shitty.

6.   Giving back – make a difference in the lives of others. Time, talent and treasure are great ways to do this but don't forget the power of daily acts of kidness. A smile, a kind word or a hello can often go a long way. 


Simone Brown, personal and organizational coach from Calgary, sitting with her dogs


Simone’s Massively Transformative Purpose (MTP) is to elevate human potential one mindset at a time.

She believes that in a world filled with ‘connection requests’ people have truly forgotten how to connect with each other. Her mission is to create a world where people show up to work tweeting #TGIM not #TGIF.  

Her WHY is to add value and make a difference. That’s what fills her cup, and makes her feel successful. When she’s not creating a cognitive shift in leaders and teams, she channels her creativity into her art or helping women strengthen their voices in the community.

She is the founder of The 1911 Tribe. This initiative encourages professional women to engage in unfiltered dialogue about their biggest career challenges, and to collectively explore solutions.