The #1 issue in any organization is people, not operations.


Team Health = Company Wealth™

Unmanaged or unresolved conflict cost the Canadian economy an estimated $16.1 billion.
— Conference Board of Canada

Google discovered that the most crucial element to building high performing teams is PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY. The best teams have a great deal of trust, because with even one communication breakdown, the entire team will suffer. Employees must listen to one another, show sensitivity to feelings and needs, and be able to engage in healthy conflict. They need to learn how to park their egos, bias, and personal issues, to do what’s in the team’s best interest.

However, most business owners focus solely on numbers, systems, and procedure. They aim to make their teams smarter, not healthier. The result: a team that isn’t performing at its best, and a company that’s missing out on revenue.

Only 26% of employees are highly engaged at work.
— Conference Board of Canada
67% of all competencies deemed essential for high performance were related to EQ
— Dan Goleman

Improve The Performance Of Your Team

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Overcome ‘The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team,’ and cultivate a company culture that values honesty, trust, and openness.

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Manage stress and conflict within teams by having your team’s emotional intelligence assessed by a Certified EQ practitioner.


Bridge intergenerational gaps and learn how to attract, motivate and retain millennial employees through our 2-day workshop, or 6-month program.


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