What an amazing coach! Her business workshops helped us define our company WHY and purpose which brought unity to our company image. We often get positive comments when we use this new WHY approach when meeting people. I discovered my personal WHY and what a difference it’s made! Her personal coaching was powerful and helped me move past fear and uncertainty. I would recommend her coaching to anyone who wants to make a difference in the world.

- Lyle, CEO of Inspiris


If you need to change your behaviour and mindset, Simone is your go-to! She taught me how to change my mindset and alter the way I perceive people and situations. Because of this I am a better leader and a better person. What I loved most about working with Simone is that she didn't just hand me the answer, she empowered me to discover it. She was compassionate but also firm with me and that’s what truly turned my ideas and thoughts into positive results. If you're a driven person but uncertainty and doubts are your demons, get Simone onboard NOW!

- Anannya, Marketing & Business Intelligence Manager

Simone Brown testimonial from Cameron, President of Resch Financial Consulting

Within my first session, it quickly became apparent that Simone has an intuitive knowledge and unique skill set. Her deep caring helped me see my hardwired patterns, understand the role they play, and then shift my mindset and communication to get my desired outcome.  

- Cameron R., President at Resch Financial Consulting

Simone Brown testimonial from Chase, CEO of New Horizons Staffing

Having Simone as a coach has made a huge impact not only in my business, but also my personal life. Understanding my triggers and how I am naturally geared to interact with people has been crucial to my success. I am better able to understand my strengths and weaknesses in a new light. I feel like Simone offers something special here and would recommend it to anyone who wants more from themselves and their business.

- Chase B., CEO at New Horizons Staffing


Simone is awesome! For those of you who are hockey fans, she is the Scotty Bowman of Executive Coaching. She has coached me in simplifying my personal life and helped me with my career objectives by narrowing in on “WHY” I do what I do. We all get pulled into the trap of going through the motions of life and never stop to think why am I doing this? Through her coaching, I have become re-engaged with a profession that I had left and had forgotten I enjoyed so much. I have recently taken steps to take control of my life and the path of my choosing which I never would have acknowledged had it not been for Simone.  I recommend Simone’s top notch coaching to anyone who is looking to bringing out their talents for determining a new career path or excel in their current position.

- Harry, Engineering Technologist


I have known Simone for many years back in Qatar and now here in Calgary. She has always been known for her human touch and putting things into perspective. As a coach, she has the ability to think about the big picture but give you the smaller tasks to do to reach your goal. Her approach to reality within a business frame, is very down to earth . Her ability to create solutions and provide you with a thinking field is phenomenal.

- Avril, Talent & Recruitment Manager

Simone Brown testimonial from Renee in Maine

I recently had the opportunity to have a conversation with an amazing woman, who helped me figure out my "WHY". I had such an eye opener about myself… and it was very emotional for me. I had to pause for a moment during our conversation because I was so impressed and emotional at how spot on Simone was with why I am who I am and why I operate the way that I do. After talking to Simone, I've begun to take a step back and refocus on my WHY, and how to embrace it in a way to be a better person, a better parent, employee, and partner.

- Renee D.

Simone Brown testimonial from Joy in Alberta

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Simone through some challenging projects. She offered a calm and organized space for me to explore my options and organize thoughts. As I continue to work with her, I appreciate her compassion and continued commitment to my success! At the end of EVERY coaching session I feel refreshed and focused. I have been able to take that focus and apply it to my projects, therefore achieving my goals. Coaching has impacted my life in that I am able to approach projects in a calm and professional manner with newfound focus.

- Joy M., President at Timeless Coaching

Simone Brown testimonial from Beatrice in Montreal

Simone is professional, easy to talk to and she really helped me see things very clearly. After each session I felt empowered and a lot more confident that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. Simone is an excellent coach. I have had the privilege to work with her on several occasions and I benefited from each session. I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to make a difference in their lives.

- Beatrice A.

Simone Brown testimonial from Brenda in New Brunswick
Simone was exceptionally easy to talk to. She made me feel very comfortable; in fact I talked about things I have never discussed or told anyone. She is just so easy, not judgemental at all. I seemed to open up to her and she listened and I felt I could really trust her. The experience made me realize how much I keep inside and how free I felt when I talked with her. It was a great experience. 

- Brenda B.